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Benham Studio Gallery
Photographs by local and international artists. Includes information on current exhibitions and submission guidelines. Located in Seattle.
Bonni Benrubi Gallery
Twentieth century American photographs and contemporary images, including emerging artists. Located in New York City.
Camera Obscura Gallery 
Vintage and contemporary fine art photographs by renowned photographers. Photo exhibitions, book store and prints.
E3 Gallery
Information about the business, as well as the photographic works by featured artists. Located in New York City's East Village.
Edward Carter Galleries
Has a large selection of Ansel Adams originals among others.
Elena Vrublevskaya Gallery 
Presents contemporary photography, performances, installations and artifacts. Focus is with regional artistic, cultural and historical contexts of Tibet, Siberia and the Far East.
Etherton Gallery 
Specializes in 19th, 20th Century, and contemporary photographic artists. Selected works are shown online. Located in Tucson, Arizona.
Fifty One Fine Art Photography
Based in Antwerp, Belgium. Specializes in vintage, classic, fashion, African, and contemporary photography.
Flatfile Photography Gallery 
Represents emerging and established photographic artists working in black and white, color, and digital media.
G. Gibson Gallery 
Photographs from the 19th Century until today and contemporary mixed-media works. Includes movies of current exhibitions. Located in Seattle.
Galerie Fotohof
Art photography in Salzburg, Austria. Information about exhibitions past and present, a photo library and an Austrian Photographer's Directory.
Galerie Johannes Faber
Includes exhibition schedules, photographs from current exhibitions, and contact information. Located in Vienna, Austria.
Gallery Sink
Gallery located in Denver, Colorado. Features descriptions of current and previous shows.
Gosh Photo
Features the work of student photographers in Birmingham, UK
Howard Greenberg Gallery
Photographs from the twentieth century. Includes the works of photographic masters, archive, and news. Located in New York City.
Images of the Past Gallery 
The Thom Hindle Collection; more than 100,000 glass plate and early acetate negatives including New England and Old America.
Jackson Fine Art 
Specializing in 20th Century and contemporary photographs. Includes images from past exhibitions. Based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Julie Saul Gallery 
Contemporary and vintage photographs. Located in Chelsea, New York.
Latent Image 
Features photographic and written narratives in both French and English.
Laurence Miller Gallery 
Modern and contemporary photographs from the United States, Europe, and Asia. Located in New York.
Lee Gallery
Gallery specializing in fine Nineteenth and Twentieth Century photographs in Winchester, Massachusetts. Includes images and searchable index of photographers
M and R Sayer Fine Arts Gallery
Features vintage photographs from Ahrle, Atget, Breitenbach, Brassai, Callahan, Curlis, and contemporary photographers. Located in New York City.






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