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Prior to moving to Calgary, Terri Austin-Beech spent twelve years in North Idaho as a full time, professional water-media artist.  During this time, Austin-Beech was a popular instructor of adult classes and workshops in various art media, owned an art school for children, and worked as an Associate Instructor at the University of Idaho, teaching Art Methods for Elementary School Teachers.  Since 1997, Terri’s paintings have been exhibited in over fifty regional, national and international juried exhibitions, winning many awards.  She continues to receive invitations to exhibit from the Florence Biennale, Italy,  and the Omma Workshops in Greece. Austin-Beech was the June, 2004 featured cover artist for the US national publication of the Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association.  She began her career as an artist in Calgary in 1989, and in 2004, was delighted to return with her work to the point of its origin
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Watercolor by Terri Beech, Title: Anasazi

Watercolor by Terri Beech, Title: Blue Watercolor

Watercolor by Terri Beech, Title: Carnations

Watercolor by Terri Beech, Title: Plain Play
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