Stuart Knighton-Callister

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Born in 1974 Stuart Knighton-Callister studied at Edinburgh College of Art & Lancaster University where he gained a first class BA Hons in Visual Arts - Fine Art & Visual Culture, (1996) before taking his Masters Degree in Fine Art at Birmingham Institute of Art & Design where he was awarded a British Academy Scholarship (1997). Stuart's research interests are focused on current debates in
contemporary art. He is currently completing a PhD in Fine Art at Bath School of Art where his studio-based and theoretical research is testing the validity of chance-based methodologies in contemporary abstract painting.

His teaching career began following completion of a Post Graduate Certificate of Education at the University of Cumbria (1998). This led to academic, quality assurance and leadership positions in Colleges of Higher and Further Education, Art Colleges and Schools in both state and private sectors;including the post of Director of Curriculum within a highly regarded specialist arts institution. Stuart has worked on external validation panels and as a Senior Examiner, leading the development of a number of qualifications across the creative arts to undergraduate level. He currently holds a senior management position as Head of Lower School and is Head of Art in the Independent sector.

Stuart exhibits work regularly and has most recently been awarded a Gen Foundation Fellowship to support a series of interviews with artists based in Europe and the United States.

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