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  Bio for Renaissance Reproductions
Renaissance Reproductions has been in business for the past ten years . Hidden deep in the north woods we have collected, cut, and set some beautiful and unusual gemstone pieces. Our work varies from simple knotted pearls to one of a kind designer stones in silver mountings of original design as well as carved stone, copper and silver. We have a group of "Green" pieces which are made from found, leftover, or recycled materials. These include copper, brass, and sliver worked together and individually. We also do designs to order with your materials or ours. We are not production jewelers, we are jewelry artists. Renaissance Reproductions stands behind our work and for your satisfaction. We are licensed and insured in the state of New Hampshire and do all repairs on site. We can custom design a piece for you even if you are across the globe by sending photos of the piece (Via Email) as it is being developed so that you can request alterations. We can take old pieces that you have grown tired of and redesign them into

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