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  Marsha Winsryg

Marsha Winsryg graduated from Bennington College in 1972,  where she studied sculpture with Isaac Whitkin  and  earned a B.A. in art.  She has lived on Martha’s Vineyard for over 25 years, and in that time she has developed her own approach towards depicting the Vineyard landscape in pastel, gouache and egg tempera. Traveling in Africa and living in Florence, Italy have opened new ways of working and provided new subjects.

          She has shown at various Vineyard galleries including the Field Gallery and Etherington Fine Arts, and currently has work at the Sculpin Gallery.

         In addition to her art, Ms. Winsryg has raised three daughters, taught extensively, and is the Director of a non profit that raises money for an orphanage and center for disabled children in Zambia. She is part of the puppet troupe Spindrift Marionettes and directs the West Tisbury Bell Choir. 


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