Shekinah Clay
Raku Pottery by Lynne Anderson  

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Lynne Anderson-Ceramic Artist Specializing in RAKU-born & raised in Dallas, Texas

Beauty, whether found in a glorious sunrise, a galloping horse with mane & tail flying, the glittering Milky Way in a midnight sky or the intricate icy geometry of a snowflake, has always captivated me for as long as I can remember. As a result, I majored in Art Education as a way of surrounding myself with some of the world’s greatest art/artists and spent my family rearing years working as a public school art teacher (later a college art instructor) & sharing that passion with hundreds, if not thousands, of students. I promised myself that when my children were raised, I would return to school for a Master’s Degree in Art Education and, in 1994, the University of Northern Colorado saw me on their campus to achieve that goal. While there, I took a Ceramics class as an elective and when my hands first touched a lump of clay on the potter’s wheel, I had the most profound sense of “coming home” artistically speaking…..I knew this medium was going to change my life! Immediately, I changed the emphasis of my Master’s Degree to include Ceramics and I have been carrying on a love affair with clay ever since!

I am inspired by whatever in this world I find to be beautiful and there is so much included in that category: nature and its animals (most particularly horses), the earth in its setting within our starry universe, galaxies & nebula, the many diverse land and seascapes found in different countries, the Colorado Rocky Mountains, to name but a few.

Creating art has been a life long endeavor for me….exploring different media & expression. When I discovered my passion for clay & my insatiable drive for creating in this medium, it truly became this artist’s “lifeblood”…….as vital and significant as breath itself!

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