Artist Bio for Jaime Voigt

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Jamie “Goose” Voigt is a rapidly developing prolific, Acrylic painter producing over 100 originals in his first 2 years of painting since his 30 year vacation from the arts.  Voigt’s only formal art training came from his first art teacher in the public school system, where his first instructor Calvin Schultz (Best known for drawing murals for the World’s Only Corn Palace).  Voigt best describes himself as an artist and a writer - with the brush and the pen, it was from those early days of art classes that he learned he could also tell a story by painting a picture.  The presentations of Voigt’s studies are either accompanied by a short story or poem, along with a hand crafted customized frame. 

 Voigt’s style is part contemporary realism with hints of abstract in his tropical paintings.  Voigt tends to drift between traditional style of using light reflecting off the ocean and short brush strokes to make the ocean come alive. The splash of Bold Tropical "heat up" many of the beach scenes and the cool shades of the Caribbean Oceans take you to a relaxing day in the Ocean's relaxing waves.

 The landscape scene's of the Dakota's are done in natural and darker colors - still utilizing light from the sun dancing off golden fields or the moon's rays drifting between the blades of a windmill.  South Dakota abundant wildlife and game birds are found in many of his current portfolio.  Voigt is a 1987 graduate of Northern State University, Aberdeen, South Dakota and currently resides in Aberdeen, SD.

 "There is no greater pride then to own an original work of art, that is crisp and clear, you can see and feel the texture of the brush - as you admire it on the wall of your home or office, an one of a kind, unique; only equaled to that is the pride of the artist that created, then was allowed to share with you that creation of a truly original work of art".  -Jamie "Goose" Voigt

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