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  GullyBug Pottery

Susan Yeomanís interest in pottery began when a potter of 30 years and her family moved from South Africa to Susanís small town of Saltillo, Mississippi. After meeting Antoinette and discovering she had no immediate place to work, Susanís family offered her the use of their cluttered barn as a makeshift studio. Antoinette took them up on their offer and began throwing her beautiful porcelain pots, making it look totally effortless. She would often fire these pieces in pit firings in the yard.

Before three years had passed, Antoinette had moved into her own studio and Susanís passion, knowledge, and skills for working with clay continued to grow.  Using the barn as her own studio, Susan continued to perfect her techniques while creating functional pottery and clay art.   

About 6 years after Susan discovered her love for working with clay, her passion shifted to creating a unique style of ceramic jewelry.   After the first pair of earrings, she never looked back.  Susanís friends Betty Sandlin and Michelle McCaleb joined her in the ceramic jewerly endevor. Together, countless hours have been spent in the studio testing glazes, perfecting techniques, and designing clay to be wearable art. 

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