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Gayton Arrigotti - Moss Beach Art Works


When my hands first touched finger paints to newsprint there was a pull towards that daydream world where freedom of self expression exists. The manipulation of paint, and pencil was a place to explore and manifest my inner thoughts of the world. This was in the beginning where I found happiness and joy and where I wanted to reside. I am an artist/craftsperson…….


My work is contemporary in feeling with thoughts of minimal intrusion, as to not fight with the natural beauty of the materials in use.

Simplicity of form in a linear way, lines formed by wire, shapes made of sheet metal, three dimensional hollow forms and gemstones, colors of metals and stones, textures of surfaces, all of these ingredients that control the end product and are part of the thought process I use in making a piece of jewelry. A feeling of harmony with the materials and my creative thoughts is what I am looking for in the end product. It’s the big payoff which keeps me going.


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