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Colin Bailey is an artist & printmaker living and working in Hastings after living in Rye for ten years and Kings Cross, London for fifteen years. Originally an etcher, and still with a printmaker’s instinct for multiple images, Colin has embraced the advance of recent technology through the use of digital photography, high resolution scanning and archival quality giclée printing.

As well as  paintings of traditional views of Rye & Hastings which he reproduces as limited edition giclée prints, there is now a series of paintings exploring the textures and structures of Rye Bay (the East Sussex coast between Hastings and Dungeness). Ancient groynes, banks of constantly shifting shingle, fishing boats drying on the beach, and the prehistoric coast at the foot of the cliffs at Rock-a-Nore are examined in paintings with an almost abstract  scale and attention to detail. Close-up and often ambiguous, these images of peeling, faded paintwork, rusting metal and cracked, bleached wood chart the results of man-made and natural structures slowly breaking up through the relentless onslaught of rain, wind, sun, sea, sand and time. Colin Bailey exhibits frequently in various venues in Rye, Hastings and East Sussex.

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