Featured Artists

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Alfredas Daulius


Stuart Knighton-Callister


Dave Wisniewski


Claire Lamberth

Shekinah Clay
Raku Pottery by Lynne Anderson


Adrian Rohnfelder


Paula Huckabay
Unique Artisan Jewelry

Leslie Chisholm
Unconventional Classic Jewelry

Guyton Arrigotti
Moss Beach Art Works

Stanton Glass Studio



Stanton Glass Studio

Prints by Colin Bailey  


Marcy Villafana



Ceramic Jewelry by
GullyBug Pottery

André Balyon
Oil Paintings and Etchings

Mosaic Box by
Laurie Mika


Paintings by
Jamie Voigt

Pit Fire and Kosai Ceramics
by Edurado Lazo

Vicki Hardin
Raku and Pit Fired Vessels

Lamp Work Beads by
Renna Schmidt

Marsha Winsryg
Original Pastels and Paintings

Sculptural Creations of Copper by Tony Dosiek

Byron Rogers

Fine Photographs

Original Paintings by
Jason Scarpace

Tabatha Pack
Equine Sculpture

Kevin Coffee Raku, Pitfire
and Kosai Ware

Wood Turned Vessels by Maurice Sewelson

Watercolor by Terri Beech, Title: Blue Watercolor

Watercolor by Terri



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