André Balyon
oil paintings and etchings


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André Balyon was born in 1951 in The Hague, the Netherlands, the oldest of seven children. All four of his brothers are artists and graphic designers. André began painting at the age of 15 under the tutelage of various master artists in his native Holland. Although educated as a technical draftsman and specialized welding engineer, employed by ITT in the Netherlands and firms in Germany, being a painter was his calling. He feels that his technical background has helped him in his career as a professional artist. At 21, André came to the United States. Although he still travels to his home country regularly, he has resided in the Carmel, CA area for the last 20 years. As he says, "part of me is (still) over there." He further explains, "Growing up near the Dutch coastline, you can feel the moisture saturated air. It is there where I gazed for hours on end at the dramatic cloud formations." One can feel the moisture-laden clouds in his lush landscapes and the icy chill emanating from his Dutch winter scenes. Yet, his range encompasses more than traditional Dutch landscapes; he's also known for his portraits, still life and American landscapes. In 1994, he instructed and assisted background artists on magnificent sky scenes for Walt Disney's animated motion picture The Lion King. In 1996 André completed his "Panorama Big Sur", a 17' x 135' circular oil painting that took over 3 years to complete, and depicted the famous California Big Sur coastline. The exhibition is currently ‘on-tour’ through Europe. André's oil paintings and etchings have been successfully exhibited throughout the United States, Europe and Japan. His work is part of numerous prominent collections throughout the world. Having achieved worldwide acclaim for several decades now, he acquired a vast group of international collectors, and influenced many well-known and emerging artists with his incredible attention to detail, his exquisite compositions and painterly technique.

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