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Tribal Art

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Tribal Art
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Tribal Art Hunter
Working with collectors, designers, and dealers, Tribal Art Hunter offers a full range of consulting services in the area of ethnographic art. We buy and sell authentic artifacts, and help build collections of lasting value and beauty.
Hilltribe Silver and Handmade Tribal Jewelry
Thai silver jewelry handcrafted by the hilltribe people. Contemporary,
traditional and ethnic designs. Includes information on the silver artists.

Aboriginals: Art of the First Person 
An on-line gallery of fine tribal art from West and Central Africa, Aboriginal Australia, and Native America.
Africa Direct
A variety of African tribal art, with good cultural information on many of the objects.
African Art Shop 
Tribal Art (mostly African), links, and descriptions of some African styles.
Collection of African art objects: exchange of information and or of objects - New Guinea tribal art and Indonesian folk art
Explore New Guinea tribal art, Indonesian folk art and other artifacts from the Pacific Rim.
ArtTrak - Tribal art, Art services, Appraisers, Galleries, and Auction Data
The ArtTrak website features fine art appraisers, dealers, and services. Among these is Shango Galleries offering museum quality African, Pre-Columbian, American Indian, and Oceanic art. John Buxton's
Elms Lesters Tribal Art Gallery 
Presenting images of selected pieces from our current inventory for those clients who are unable to visit our Central London gallery.
Oceanic Arts Australia - Tribal Art and Artifacts
Tribal art dealers supplying artifacts from Aboriginal Australia, Papua New Guinea, the South Pacific Islands and South-East Asia.
Toi Maori Aotearoa 
Developing Maori Art in New Zealand
Tribal Art Online
Tribal Arts, the online magazine dedicated to fine and antique traditional art from the Americas, Africa, Asia, Indonesia, Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia.
Art from New Guinea and Panama.

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