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Clay Artists

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Building Clay Studio of Diane Pecnik
Pictures of the studio and the garden in which it sits welcome the viewer. A bio and artist statement interspersed with slides of works reveal the strong connetction between the artist and nature.
 Eduardo Lazo - Ceramic Design Studio
Eduardo Lazo's online gallery showcasing kosai ware, pit-fire, raku, saggar fired and hand painted vessels and sculptural pieces.
Handmade Ceramic Finger Labyrinths
Elegant and affordable handmade ceramic finger labyrinths created by Nancy Cannon.

Khnemu Studio-Dawn Soltysiak
The studio of ceramic artist Dawn Soltysiak is located in an authentically restored barn.  Dawn specializing in unique firing techniques including Raku, Pit and smoke firing.
Aspen Ceramic Studio - Kathy Chamberlain
Contemporary clay artist presenting hanging clay scrolls, bird feeders, auspicious Chinese calligraphy plates, clay handled baskets. High fire gas reduction,  white stoneware. wheel thrown and slab built.
Potterypup Ceramics by Debra Lampert-Rudman
Award-winning ceramic artist and dog fancier whose work brings nature, color and humor together...telling stories and eliciting emotions and movement through functional and decorative clay objects.
Merely Mosaics
Mosaics from large projects to small table top items.







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