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Please join us as we welcome these new sites to Artists Online.  We would like to thank the owners for their support of this Directory.  If you are an artist looking for exposure, go here to find out how to list your site.

The 33rd Rosen Outdoor Sculpture Competition & Exhibition
This nationally recognized juried competition, established by Martin and Doris Rosen, has long served as a point of pride for Appalachian State University and its annual summer arts celebration, An Appalachian Summer Festival. Each year, ten sculptures are selected for installation in outdoor, public settings across the university campus. For more information visit

Online art gallery representing professional artists, assisting them to fulfill a career in their creative industry by offering the opportunity to buy directly from the artist.

Forktip Jewellers
Unique handcrafted jewelry designer specializing in designing colored gemstone jewelry and colored diamond jewelry in Australia. Work with gold and platinum metals.

Street Art Prints - Street Art Shop
An online street art shop, offering street art prints, originals and Ltd of international street artists. Find famous artworks of famous street artists.

Malane Newman Design
Illustrator, Cartoonist, Children's Art. 35+ Years Exp. Master with Color & Eye Candy! Photo-Realistic Illustration, Children's Art, Licensed Character Art (Barbie, Popeye), Any-style Cartooning. Works Virtually, Full-time Freelance, Worldwide.

Pam Stern Art
Pam creates stoneware, porcelain and mixed media figural sculpture with intricate underglaze painting.

Stuart Davies Art
Stuart Davies Art providing personal portraits, masterful restorations and reproductions, professional book design, illustration, and magazine-class photography for hire.

Emma Bradshaw - China and Porcelain Restoration
Quality ceramics restorer based in Essex, specializing in porcelain, china, earthenware, stoneware, terracotta and studio pottery.

Art by Michael O'Gorman
Surreal artist from the United Kingdom who creates elaborate, vibrant oil paintings.

Róisín Curé
Watercolour fine art giclée prints from Ireland and beyond by Irish artist Róisín Curé.

Kathleen Thoma Art
Online gallery/blog/store for Kathleen Thoma Art, featuring handmade, abstract, and nature theme, monotype printmaking. Blog shares artist's methods, inspiration, information.
Original canvas and limited edition artist prints from the worlds most renowned urban artists.

Waldens Fine Art
Oil paintings, watercolors, drawings and original graphics by Walden Swank. showcases Michael Jon Wawrzyniec’s paintings and prints of wildlife.  Commissions are available for hunters and sporting scenes, pets, restoring or painting old photos (replicating damaged photos.

Salvador Dali
Comprehensive information for Salvador Dali.
Vulcan Artistic Creations, LLC
Beautifully handcrafted and unique metal art: Jewelry, Sculpture, and Home Decor. Our metalsmiths are also available for commission and custom order metal art work.
Sugarloaf Craft Festivals
For more than 37 years, the nation’s most talented artisans have sold their contemporary crafts and fine art at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals. 11 shows in Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland.
Brian Boldon
An intersection between digital media, ceramics and glass, the artwork of Brian Boldon locates digital printing and photography in three-dimensional space.

Sue Lacy Jewelry
Hand crafted jewelry with organic flair.

Speaking of Art
Reviews and opinions of Art Supplies by artists for artists. Read and post reviews of art supplies before buying.

Go Graph Stock Photography
Go Graph offers flexible royalty free stock photography, vectors, illustrations, graphics, and stock footage at low prices.

Studio C
Contemporary Figurative, Landscape, & Abstract expressionistic painting from UK artist C. Warner. Original works & prints available.

Sherry Serafini
Beaded body adornment.

Annie Morgan Studios
Nationally recognized artist Annie Morgan is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society, The International Society of Experimental Artists, The National Collage Society, The Society of Layerists in Multi-Media and the Society of North American Goldsmiths.

Debra Fritts
Debra Fritts is a studio artist working in Roswell, Georgia and Abiquiu, New Mexico. Her studies have concentrated on art education, painting and printmaking. She teaches sculpture classes and conducts master classes and workshops nationally.

Akira Blount
Akira Blount's dolls have been admired and collected all over the world. Since 1986 she has been published over 30 times in magazines as diverse as American Craft Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, Fiber Arts Design Book III, and Contemporary Doll.

Laura Balombini
Laura Balombini mixes hand-woven steel wire with polymer clay to create whimsical one-of-a -kind characters & basket-like vessels.

Jane Peiser Pottery
Salt-glazed colored porcelain.

Marshall Arisman
Marshall Arisman is an internationally known painter, illustrator, teacher, and story-teller. Arisman's work has strong emotional themes which often explore the connections between humankind and violence and the resulting spiritual impact.

Alicia Lomne
Alicia Lomne works with the glass kiln casting technique of Pate de verre. Literally translated from French it means paste of glass. The process includes creating a model, making a mold, placing thin layers of powdered or frited glass with in the mold, and then firing the piece in a kiln. Alicia works primarily with open faced molds and is most compelled by the exact color placement and sculptural possibilities that pate de verre offers.

Akira Satake Pottery
Japanese potter/artist/musician Akira Satake's website showcases his gallery of refined, functional pottery.

Steven Forbes-deSoule
Steven Forbes-deSoule is an American raku pottery artist and workshop instructor whose raku pottery is featured in books, magazines, galleries and museums nationwide.

Ed Byers
Figurative clay sculpture by this North Carolina artist.

Macy Dorf
Functional and decorative pottery.

Connie Christensen
Connie Christensen is a studio potter and ceramics instructor focusing on wheel thrown and altered functional pottery.

Lamecia Landrum
The incredible doll art of Lamecia Landrum.

Ceramic Sculpture by Arthur Gonzalez
Dark, somber and foreboding, Arthur Gonzalez's works encourage serious deliberation and reflection on the relationship between personal concerns and world

Martina Lantin
Martina Lantin is a ceramic artist dedicated to making functional pots by hand.

Deborah Horrell
Deborah Horrell is a Portland based glass artist with a focus on pate de verre and cast glass methods.

Israel Davis
Israel Davis' work is an investigation of the symbols, people, and objects that have affected perceptions of growing up, the subconscious, and life experience.

Kathy King
Kathy King uses ceramic vessels, tiled furniture and printmaking, either separately or combined in installations, which present narratives from a woman's point of view. Her ultimate objective is to translate her own personal experience in relation to her culture, through narrative imagery on the utilitarian ceramic form.

Pearl J. Dick
Pearle J. Dick is a glass artist who's artwork predominantly involves human relationships.

Susan Webster
Susan Webster is a visual artist and printmaker who lives in Deer Isle, Maine. She has worked extensively with an innovative printmaking technique - the gelatin plate process

Tom Bartel
Tom Bartel grew up on the Erie shores of Cleveland, Ohio and is known for his disturbing and humorous fragmented figures that take cues from a shotgun blast of influences ranging from antiquity to popular culture.

Kate Missett
Kate Missett is a ceramic artist, Artworks Program Director at the Westside YMCA, and Adjunct Professor at Greenwich House Potter.

Kristina Glick
Kristina Glick is a professor and studio artist. Her jewelry has both controlled detail and organic textures. She combines traditional metalsmithing techniques with enamel and found objects.

Shawn Lovell Metalwork
Oakland based Shawn Lovell fuses new design ideas with the age-old craft of blacksmithing to create one-of-a-kind work.

Alfredas Daulius
Lithuanian craftsman of fine jewellery in gold, silver and amber.

Sterling Silver Art Jewelry
Sterling Silver Wearable Art Jewelry multifunctional, dynamic designs that can be worn multiple ways. Pendants that become rings, kinetic wearable sculpture, rings that open for arthritic fingers.

Ceramic and Pottery Restoration & Custom Made Replicas
Lakeside Pottery repairs and restores ceramic, pottery, statues, dolls, china, porcelain and wood sculptures. Lakeside Pottery is also a complete clay studio that creates ceramic replicas.

Conrad Schmitt Studios Inc.
Art fabrication of your designs with our facilities; Stained Glass, Sculpture, etc . The Studio has full access to the resources, specialized machinery and labor necessary to contribute to the ease and success of your simple to complex projects..

Elisa Verchavska Musson
Elisa specializes in still life and landscapes in the pure tradition of the Old Masters. She blends her own oil paint using original pigments from around the world.

Becky Joy Fine Art
Specializing in sunsets and plein air oil landscape paintings, known for light and color.

Brentmichael Extraordinary Jewelry
A distinctive collection of contemporary fine jewelry. All pieces are hand-crafted in platinum or 18K and feature the finest gemstones.

Arte Laguna Prize
The Arte Laguna Prize is dedicated to contemporary visual artists from all over the world, offering a network of opportunities: money prizes, art residencies, a collective exhibition in Venice an much more.

Kathleen Thoma / Transcendent Arts
Kathleen Thoma at Transcendent Arts Studio, offers handmade, mixed media monotype prints on Stonehedge paper created on a press. Her site shows several galleries of both symbolic and abstract works in her on-line store.

International Painting NYC - Juried Competition
The Jeffrey Leder Gallery will start the new year with an expansive exhibit. The exhibit will occupy 3 floors of the gallery. We are located in LIC, New York City. Open to all international artists who have created work within the discipline of the painting medium. This exhibition celebrates the range of creative exploration in painting.

 Margaret Zox Brown Art
Margaret Zox Brown's paintings uniquely hover between Representation and Abstraction. Her subject is color with the soul of her subject matter being revealed through all elements; color, paint application, line & form.

 Jane Saborio, artist/photographer/instructor/author
Jane paints vividly colored impressionist watercolors, acrylics and some water soluble & traditional oils; also some semi abstract mixed media still life, especially "jarrones" (large earthen ware pots). Favorite themes include Mediterranean architectural images, free flowing florals, seascapes with scintillating reflections and magnificent Pacific coast sunsets with emphasis on color, contrast of shadow & light, & complementary colors.

Susan Adame Art
San Francisco Bay Area mixed media collage artist create abstract contemporary collages. Artist uses textiles, handmade paper and leaves to create calm uplifting art.
Wixon Glass
Jeff Wixon began working with glass over twenty years ago, while at the Mass College of Art, where he earned his Master's Degree. At the start of his career he created stained glass windows for homes and churches, and later began working with fused and dichroic glass. Jeff has become proficient in combining glass with other materials to create a unique line of designs in jewelry and everyday household objects. His artistry is playful and innovative. Currently he has launched

Golden Blossom Pottery
Raku is a firing method developed in the 16th century. An extra step is added to the method to create the stunning golden/orange colour of my work. The unpredictable variables involved in the post firing process gives each pot its own unique character. Raku fired pots are porous, the glaze naturally cracked, and at times the smoke residue is left on to enhance its appearance.
Creatively Claire
Claire designs beautiful and unique pieces of fused dichroic glass jewelry. Her work is constantly evolving to stay fresh and original.


Daniel Essig
Daniel Essig creates wooden-covered art books and book-based sculptures. Using a fourth-century binding style known as Ethiopian style Coptic, he creates mixed-media book structures that incorporate unusual woods, handmade paper, found objects, fossils, and mica. He lives in Asheville, North Carolina, where he has a studio at the Grovewood Gallery. 111 Grovewood Road Studio 3 Asheville, North Carolina 28804

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery
Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery conducts monthly themed art competitions and art exhibitions for new and emerging artists on a worldwide basis.

Texas Artist Richard Mauer of Mound Creek Gallery
Texas Artist Richard Mauer presents Texas Landscape Paintings in acrylic featuring scenes of the Texas landscape, wildlife and bluebonnets.

Aboriginal Art Symbols
Learn about aboriginal art symbols and their meaning on aboriginal paintings.

Like + Dislike. by Gordon. Holden
Conceptual designs and photography created from what we are all really thinking about and to cover up the hole in your wall by Gordon Holden.

Zlata Fishel and Marina Fatina Art
A virtual gallery of original acrylic paintings from award-winning artists Zlata Fishel and Marina Fatina. Art for you.

Unique Sculptural Statements in Stone and Steel by Andy Sweet
One of a kind sculptural works using stone, steel and mixed media.

Richard A. Moore, III
Bronze and clay sculpture by Richard A. Moore.
Nordic Flower
Beautiful fine art photography of Nordic flowers exclusively. This site is the result of many years of photographing only flowers.

Marcy Ann Villafaña
Mixed Media Artist specializing in portraits of the feminine form.

One Life Photos
With years of experience highlighting great talent from around the world, PDN Magazine and Artists Wanted are joining forces in a search for amazing photography. This project is about the power of photography to tell stories regardless of the differences that separate us.

Tikanchay - Your Online Source for Artisan Jewelry
Sterling Silver Jewelry designed and crafted by master artisans in Peru. Native materials and inspired designs these are wearable works of art.

Conn Ryder: Mixed Media Abstract Paintings
This Colorado artist paints from the gut, creating bold and expressive referential and pure abstract works where color becomes the structural element.

Creations Lucas Exclusive Jewelry
Luc Laframboise enjoys making every jewelry piece a work of art. Visit our online gallery to view some of our recent models custom made for our clients.

The Art Festival Newsletter
Quarterly newsletter designed to help artists succeed in their careers. Focused on outdoor art and craft festivals

Ginette Boyer, Wildlife Artist
Rendering wildlife in its pure form, as in the art of portraiture.

Copper Rose, Copper Repousse & Metal Art
A Copper Rose Metal Art is a metal art studio specializing in copper repousse and welded metal sculpture.

Thomas Kinkade ~ Mark Keathley Art Gallery
Fine Art Gallery featuring the works of Mark Keathley and Thomas Kinkade. Full line of gift products, puzzles, and calendars also available.

China Repairs and Ceramic Restoration
A professional china repairs and ceramic restoration service with over 10 years experience and based in the South West of England.

Donna Lewis, inventor of LiL BeLLA humidifier and two time Saul Bell Design Award finalist, offers private and small group instruction on location. Scottsdale AZ

Landscape Photography by UK Photographer Chester Tugwell
Fine Art Travel and UK landscape photography. Prints and stock for sale.

Canvas Art
Canvas art for sale.

Monique Jarry's Art Gallery
The site is about her art work and her writings on art. The works are in chronological order. The site is bilingual (French/English). The site is divided into 6 albums that are clearly explained on the main page.

Mary Rae Art
Mary Rae's work is done directly from nature, using the finest imported oils and linen canvas.

Portrait Artist Kate Tugwell - Pet Portraits & Family Portraits
Artist Kate Tugwell captures the beauty and character of your pet or family through her portraits. Kate works in acrylics and coloured pastels. (based in Worthing, West Sussex). Abstract and Landscape pieces are also for sale in her gallery.

Ian Darragh - Paintings, Drawings and Prints
Memorial website for the late figurative painter.

Ceramic Repair Porcelain China Restoration
Scandinavian based "Atelie de Montplaisir" Restoration Studio. Repair of antiques and collectibles. Conservation of ceramics. Invisible museum, oriental quality restoration.

Anthony Samuel M.
Oil paintings by Anthony Samuel M. Landscapes, seascapes, portraits, murals.

TPEP Images
Fine art landscape and nature photograph prints from around the world.

Sidor Studio
Ceramic mosaic and mixed media in themes of recovery, raku and ceramic masks, abstract figurative work in stone

ShapeShifter Woodturning
Joaz Hill is a fine artistic wood turner and woodturning teacher in Maine. His work is can be found in collection all over the world.

Raku by Shekinah Clay
Raku art by Lynne Anderson. Includes gallery, biography, show schedule, photos of process & raku currently for sale.

Gelsey's Grace Designs
Vivacious, exotic, inspired Artisan Jewelry featuring Venetian glass, vintage glass, gemstones, and Karen Hill Tribe silver and vermeil components.

Donna Baldassari
Donna Baldassari works primarily in oils, combining a love of color, light and space. Color is primary; it reflects the mood of her painting.

Compassionate Arts Tile and Stone
Tile Murals created by transferring Fine Art and Photo Images onto Marble, Glass, Ceramic and Porcelain. Kitchen Backsplashes, Floors, Bathrooms, indoor and outdoor Kiln Fired Tile, over 15,000 images, public works and commercial tile mural projects

Bluehills Treasure Chest Designs
Handmade jewelry, original photography, hand decorated home decor, digital art.

Brian LaSaga Realism
High realism acrylic paintings of Newfoundland\'s west coast depicting landscapes, seascapes, still life and nature themes.

John Goodyear
One of a kind wood art pieces consisting of both rugged and elegant hollow forms, through forms and fine sculpture. Current work is based on the concept of erosion.

Ainsworth Images
Photographer creating fine art digital paintings of photographs. Several categories from Landscapes, Portraits, Panorama, Eclectic to Abstract. Prints of paintings as well as greeting cards are for sale on the site.

Black Toad Forge
Blacksmithing and Metalsmithing by Matt M. Myers including sculpture, furniture, railings, lighting, vessels, and handmade jewelry.

An online art gallery featuring the diverse painting and drawing styles of Nick Scalice.

Fine Arts by Sandra
Low fired and raku fired sculptural pieces. As well as environmental photography

Portrait Artist Julie Palmer
Julie Palmer creates original pastel portraits of your dog, horse, cat or other pet from photographs.

3rd Ward Summer Solo Show: A Search for the Next Great Artist
The Summer Solo Show is a nationwide open call for dynamic, inventive and provocative work of all mediums! The selected artist will receive: $1,000 cash grant, A solo exhibition in 3rd Wards gallery, complete with a massive opening reception, A 2-page spread in 3rd Wards quarterly publication,1-month residency at 3rd Ward with FULL facility access, NYC wide exposure post cards, flyers, press! Submit your best work now!
Love Jewelry Displays
Graceful and unique jewelry organizers that store and provide easy access to your necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and bangles.

Conscious Expressions Jewelry
Beautiful handmade gemstone beaded jewelry with sterling silver. Specializing in jewelry with a message, with many designs inspired by nature and spirituality. Beautiful sterling silver pendants. Custom orders always welcome.

Bokrosh Glass Repair and Art Sculpture
Since 1985 Bokrosh Studio has been creating original sculptures out of Optical Glass, the finest glass ever made.  

Pacific Jewelry Designs
Exquisite, unique beaded jewelry artisan handcrafted to become lasting treasures. Affordable elegance in wearable art made with the highest quality materials & workmanship.

The Art of André Balyon
André Balyon finds most of his themes in Nature, portraits, stillifes and wildlife. The extensive web-site features many aspects of his world renowned Art and career.

Natasha Dikareva: Sculptor and Installation Artist
Natasha Dikareva is a sculptor and installation artist. She currently lives and works in San Francisco, California. Dikareva's sculptural work transforms clay and metal into totems of the imagination.

Irves Designs
Designer from New York presents artisan handcrafted jewelry from all kinds of semiprecious gemstones, pearls, amber and other natural materials.

The Turning Gallery
Handcrafted custom made turnings including bowls, vases, pens, wine stoppers and more. Many are made from the finest exotic woods.

Unique Dichroic Glass Jewelry
Dichroic glass pendants and necklaces. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and truly unique.

Fine Art Restoration and Studio
Museum quality restoration on porcelain, ceramic, plaster, terra cotta, clay, stone. Highly accurate reproductions using cement, plaster, cast stone, resin, fiber glass, urethane and epoxy.

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