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Art Associations
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Colorado Council on the Arts
Colorado State Arts Agency, providing grants, awards, and support services to artists and arts organizations.
Mississippi Arts Commission
In 1968, the Mississippi legislature created the Mississippi Arts Commission as the official grants making and service agency for the arts. In the 1990s, the Commission has broadened its role as an active supporter and promoter of the arts in community life and arts education.
New Jersey State Council on the Arts
The mission of the New Jersey State Council on the Arts (NJSCA) is to improve the quality of life of this state, its people and communities by helping the arts to flourish.
New York State Council on the Arts
The New York State Council on the Arts is a state funding agency that provides support for activities of nonprofit arts or cultural organizations in New York State and helps to bring artists programs of high quality to the citizens of the state of New York.
Ohio Art League
Founded in 1909, the Ohio Art League is a non-profit organization of artists and supporters of the arts in Ohio. The Leagues purpose is to provide thought provoking exhibitions using Ohio based artists.
Ohio Arts Council
The Ohio Arts Council, a state agency established in 1965, builds the state through the arts—economically, educationally and culturally—preserving the past, enhancing the present and enriching the future for all Ohioans. The Council believes the arts should be shared by the people of Ohio.
The Connecticut Commission on the Arts
The Connecticut Commission on the Arts is the state agency responsible for developing and strengthening cultural resources, and increasing public participation in and support for the arts.









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