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Abstract Art
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Kathleen Thoma Art
Online gallery/blog/store for Kathleen Thoma Art, featuring handmade, abstract, and nature theme, monotype printmaking. Blog shares artist's methods, inspiration, information.

Conn Ryder: Mixed Media Abstract Paintings
This Colorado artist paints from the gut, creating bold and expressive referential and pure abstract works where color becomes the structural element.

Miklos Sipos Abstract Emotion Artist
Each unique artistic creation combines the four elements of sand, surf, sun, and sky allowing the expression of a multitude of emotions through the interplay of color and texture.

KW Digital Art Gallery
Unique abstract art created with my own software.

The Art Sale
The art sale stocks of wide range of abstract and contemporary art.

Suffusive Art Gallery
Modern abstract art in Vietnam is relatively new and still developing. 
Suffusive Art Gallery showcases work from at least nine of Hanoi's most
prominent and celebrated modern artists.
Ambo Graphics
A passion for color, texture, and movement is the driving force behind this unique collection of original abstract digital art. Offered as framed prints or note cards.
Deborah Batt - Contemporary Fine Art
Online art gallery of Deborah Batt modern British artist
Derek R. Audette - Art, Photography & Film
Ottawa based artist Derek R. Audette: Specializing in urban and street photography, as well as various forms of abstract, surreal and modern art & film.
Gail Miller B.A. Contemporary Artist
Original, vibrant, contemporary abstract art by artist Gail Miller B.A. (hons).
Jilda Clarke Watercolors
Original and limited edition giclee prints by an artist based in Ft.
Lauderdale, Florida.  Colorful and vibrant abstracts featuring tropical
Sherry Baumann
Original abstract paintings for sale and art investment.  At Art Beyond the Edge you will find one-of-a-kind, original abstract acrylic paintings for home, office, gifts, or investment purposes.
Yvette Peters
Abstract art by Dutch artist Yvette Peters.
Caribou Studios 
Caribou Studios is where you find the artwork of Cincinnati artist Scott Preston, this includes paintings, ceramics, drawings, print and photography.
Cheryl D. McClure
On-line paintings portfolio of Texas artist, Cheryl D. McClure. Abstract paintings, collage and information about the artist is updated frequently.








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